The Truth About Pimpology

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The Truth About Pimpology by Eric Culpepper

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Eric Culpepper
Eric Culpepper
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Just as the totally indispensable Court Jesters of ancient aristocratic societies were deposed priests, true master pimps are invariably likewise members of deposed ancient religious aristocracies who are attempting to use their extremely in-depth knowledge of flow and intrinsic kinesiology to regain their once revered societal status. The Truth About Pimpology is all about understanding hyper-acceleration to warp speed, total reconceptualization, and complete moral bankruptcy. This book is written on the plenipotentiary level of understanding of pandering and prostitution and covers the core synergies and sadistic mindsets that underlie and ultimately drive the self-detrimental lifestyles that are relentlessly pursued by panderers and their women as well as a full range of pimps that spans from Ministers to vaginal hijackers to female pimps to the abusive boyfriends of bum magnetic waitresses and it therefore requires at least a marginal level of literacy to be understood completely. Pimping is not a game and The Truth About Pimpology absolutely is not a book about game, it is in fact a work that contains totally incontrovertible truths about panderers and prostitutes that are so raw, so graphic, so brutally honest that even the most ruthless, sub-marginally literate, one dimensional, bottom feeders of pimps cannot begin to deal with them. The Truth About Pimpology gives a correct 360 degree understanding of the true core internal dynamics of pandering and prostitution. People are ultimately pimped because of their extremes, contrary to popular belief, pimping is not a way to have women, but a way to have whores, unlike ordinary women whores are women who have extremely warped concepts of strength, masculinity, and self-determination and resultantly have a need for men to be monsters. At the lower extremities a pimp is merely a thug who has been raised within the confines of a matriarchal ultra-sub-culture that is run solely by ultra-dysfunctional slum hustler trash type women who have completely accepted life as victimization and he can resultantly sell women dreams and drive women to do things that other men cannot begin to imagine. Pimping is a mortally sadistic comedy of errors in which the greatest victims pose as the greatest victors, pimps are merely master victims who are the Kings of minuscule Kingdoms that are built on the mess that other people have created and as such pimps are masters of isolating women and causing them to fly backward by turning them into multi-state in-flight felons. The Truth About Pimpology is an effective X-ray of the pimp that peers deep into the murkiest depths of the psyche of pimps and prostitutes and completely exposes precisely what lies behind the perms, manicures, shopping sprees, jewelry, flashy clothing, check calls, drugs, threats, relentless abuse and complete obsession with tearing down, breaking and attempting to completely control women. The Truth About Pimpology also explains precisely why runaways are drawn to pimps, why whores in fact cannot choose pimps, why cops act like thugs with government resources, why men pay prostitutes, why women get involved in serial abusive and exploitive relationships, why players are not and absolutely do not succeed as pimps, how and why women are the real pimps and men can be nothing more than artificial pimps, gross misconceptions that pimps have about women that have long caused pimps to get themselves killed, why criminal organizations ultimately fail, the mysterious parallels between pimps and priests, insights into the reasons why prostitution centers worldwide are often likewise religious centers and a host of other apparently inscrutable mysteries of pandering and prostitution.


The Truth About Pimpology

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